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16 Nov

RDP crashing in windows 7

RDP crashing after login into remote server from Windows 7.

After so much search on web and RnD . I found the solution

Go to MSTSC on run and unchecked “persistent bitmap caching” .

RDPsetting 1

and on MSTSC>Local Resources (Tab)>Settings>select “Do not Play” under Remote audio playback and “Do not record” under Remote audio recording (see the screenshot below)

RDPsetting 2a

RDPsetting 2

and it resolved the issue.


Vinod Sharma



6 Nov

Dear All,

If you are getting issue while launching web conferencing from IE 11 then you have to degrade your IE 11 to IE8 or 9 because LYNC web app is not working on IE 11. Table of supported platforms is given below.


In case pf any issue feel free to contact me.


Vinod Sharma